Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brisbane again

Currently in Brisbane again - 30 degrees is far too hot for April, spent the day catching buses and filling in time, I have lost the zen I had for doing the whole public transport thing.

Hmmm that sounded like a lame Status update on Facebook.

Well if you read this and are annoyed I have not told you I am in Brisbane, believe me it is laziness of the impersonal variety.

My hostel sucks, in general I realize a lot of places in Brisbane such as Gladstone Road and Annerley Junction are best observed from the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle.

Again, that sounded like a lame Status update on Facebook.

Note to self: lame Status updates on Facebook are killing my blog.

The above also could have been a Facebook status update. (He he I think I will make it one.)

Saw the first hour of Avatar on the plane over here. It is thoroughly anti-intellectual, Sigourney Weaver seems like a cardboard pastiche of all the heroines she has ever played and it was very predictable. All that said, Cameron does seem to know how to create an epic feel in a movie and I dare say I might watch the rest of it on the return flight.