Friday, May 14, 2010

A defriendhsip

After communication, manipulation, neediness, pushiness, detachment, insincerity, more communication, an ultimatum, a decline of an ultimatum and finally some venemous insults, a friendship looks like it ended yesterday.

In hindsight passive aggression coupled with even more insincerity may have been the wiser option on my part.

A has been supportive, though she did add: "Well, Nick, she is foreign..." Sometimes A forgets that so am I.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brisbane again

Currently in Brisbane again - 30 degrees is far too hot for April, spent the day catching buses and filling in time, I have lost the zen I had for doing the whole public transport thing.

Hmmm that sounded like a lame Status update on Facebook.

Well if you read this and are annoyed I have not told you I am in Brisbane, believe me it is laziness of the impersonal variety.

My hostel sucks, in general I realize a lot of places in Brisbane such as Gladstone Road and Annerley Junction are best observed from the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle.

Again, that sounded like a lame Status update on Facebook.

Note to self: lame Status updates on Facebook are killing my blog.

The above also could have been a Facebook status update. (He he I think I will make it one.)

Saw the first hour of Avatar on the plane over here. It is thoroughly anti-intellectual, Sigourney Weaver seems like a cardboard pastiche of all the heroines she has ever played and it was very predictable. All that said, Cameron does seem to know how to create an epic feel in a movie and I dare say I might watch the rest of it on the return flight.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It was all just one big malapropism

Over the last few weeks, I have been on a few dates with an ex-priest who is now a counsellor. It seemed to be showing some promise, especially the number of potential puns such as:

"I am dating an ex-priest. We have a lot in common because I am an ex-nun."
"I am seeing a counsellor."

But alas, it seems I bit more than I could chew off the wrong end of the stick.

That is, he told me he liked to hug and kiss me but wasnt sure about the sex part.

Never mind, next time I will burn that bridge when I get to it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

bright star review

saw Bright Star this week - a very awkward film to watch at first (I think intentionally so) but it sucked me in. How refreshing to have a character with bad fashion sense in a period drama! This was one of many nice touches. Not perfect but emotionally involving.

toothless attraction

Just did a gay tramp (gay bushwalk? that still sounds dodgy) today. Twas gorgeous, though was having to fend off the advances of a randy seventy-year-old.

I knew I was in for trouble when I told him my name and he said: "Nick - Nick with a big dick!" Its not exactly the best way to start a life-long platonic friendship.

"I am not in this group for sex," I said to him at one point, politely omitting the suffix "with you".

"Im not in this group for sex either," he replied. "Though it has happened a few times."

religious debate

Got into a debate at work about Jesus - now how did I let that happen?

I was saying how much I hate the hackneyed "If only we _really_ did what Jesus intended" argument.

I think if we all followed Jesus´ example we would all be paranoid, delusional and Oprah. (Note the first two adjectives might have been redundant.)

Anyway I voiced my opinion that the whole "do as you would be done by" thing kind of misses the point, worse still it keeps getting misapplied with disastrous consequences. (For example, the dreadful Amelie.)

Anyway one of my colleagues kept saying to me "but love is important" (he is not religious btw).

My comeback is to quote the great prophet Tina T: "Whats love got to do with it?"

Monday, February 8, 2010

Male Pageants

Found the following website by... ahem... accident.

Its a bit like a soft gay porn version of eurovision. (Okay, so eurovision is a soft gay porn version of eurovision.)

And I quote:

This board is for the rational, civilised discussion of male pageants and their fans worldwide.

Monday, January 18, 2010

O my wise friends

My wise friend E has many occasions of great eloquence. One such occasion occurred after I shared with her my troubling feelings about the behaviour of certain Hamiltonians. She succinctly summarized a situation as follows:

By avoiding ethical judgments, you avoid having to think or risk disagreements.

So true.

More on Avatar

Actually those aliens on Avatar, with their overly large and emotive eyes, look particularly poxy. If I was an alien I should prefer to be something evil like a dalek.

Cultural snobbery

I think I might avoid seeing Avatar. There is no reason other than that almost everyone else will see it. This knee-jerk reaction stems back to my early childhood, when I would barrack for the arched window at Play School, only because it was the unpopular choice amongst my pre school class mates, who favoured the generic circle or square.

Monday, January 11, 2010


As a footnote to the last post, I had some trade last night. He said:

"You´re an intellectual, aye."

Speaking of trade, a snippet of Skype convo with J this arvo:

Me: For some reason I feel awkward and uncomfortable if I am hosting one person, but totally in my element if I am hosting a group.

J: You make that sound so sleazy.

Hamilton Pride

I am concerned that my association with the Hamilton pride organization may lead others to mistakenly believe I am proud of Hamilton.

On a related note, I recently read some tourist propaganda which wrote: "Hamilton is young," (Hamilton is one of the top retirement destinations for UK immigrants) "ambitious" (ambitious Hamiltonians left town when they turned 18) "and passionate" (Hamilton is a best mildly pleasant with a soggy edge, in atmosphere and demeanour).

A dark perversion

Onto a darker perversion - a friend of a friend was recently arrested on the south island for making sexual advances to a 13-year old. He may be charged with some similar offences also. Apparently this person has already been to jail for one such offence.

I mostly feel sad for all concerned. As to whether it would effect my friendship with the accused, well, we don't really have a friendship anyway. I was his acquaintance for a while until he started to bully me in subtle yet nasty way - I retreated immediately from the acquaintanceship. Since then, I have discovered my opinion of him has overlapped with many in the friendship circle.

Although ultimately I like to judge people by how they treat me, I am also wary of those who mistreat others - lack of respect is a behavioural pattern rarely restricted to only one behaviour.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Year's Resolution

In group therapy I was taught that it is best to set achievable goals.

It was with this advice in mind that I contemplated my New Year's Resolutions for 2010. I decided to just make one, in the process greatly increasing the likelihood of success.

My New Year's Resolution for 2010 is to wear speedos for lap swimming at the local pool. New Zealand is, in general, a most speedo-phobic nation; nevertheless you do sometimes see them at the pool, less often at the beach though.

I feel I am swimming enough laps now to have earned the right for something more hydro-dynamic than a baggy pair of swim shorts.

Although part of my wanting to wear them is perverted, there's another motivation of the most innocent sensuality; why sully the logic I say. Also, at the end of the day, my decision to wear speedos is largely the problem (or benefit, to a special few) of the other patrons in the pool.

I have done two trips to the pool without being arrested for smuggling budgerigars, it looks like 2010 could be a year of great self-worth and goal-reaching, or if not at least some self-reaching.