Monday, October 26, 2009

The aggressive bottom

I'm an occasiANAL bottom (get it, boom tish!)- but almost never a top these days - it is just so boring now I have discovered the pleasure in my back end.

Had some trade in Brisbane who promised to top me after I topped him (little did I know there was just one packet of lube yet many condoms). He told me he was an "inexperienced" bottom and that I had to go very "slowly" and "carefully".

A good hour later....

I am not sure I have ever fucked a more aggressive bottom. In several positions he impaled himself on me with great vigour and resilience. At one point he was on his hands and knees, I was on my knees inside him from the rear, and I wasn't moving at all - he was slamming himself onto me at quite a speed.

I was so bored I almost fell asleep.

Grapey S commented, "you might as well have been a dildo attached to the wall with a suction pad".

It is such a shame I didn't meet him three years ago when my preference was "starfish top".

He left me with a typewritten note with his contact details, including my name. R said it would have been comic if there had been a blank space and my name scrawled in.

Spelt pasta = "P", "A", "S", "T", O" "R"

Okay could someone humour me and let me know how to spell privelidged.

S is really cool - read all about it

Just had a lovely visit to my office from S - the only local (that I know of) privelidged (fcuk spelling) enough to know about my blog. S is proof I do know some cool people in Hamilton. Go S!


Yes, I am still buying that unit.... I have to say the whole process of going from "having not bought the unit" to "having bought the unit" is a grey one indeed, with many stages - even after the settlement date has passed (prob Nov 13), the bank really owns it anyway.

Just to show M and J I'm not going completely "normal" I plan to make the guest room a contemporary interactive art space (my euphemism for "mess") - guests will be free to create works of art on the walls, floors and furnishings (of the guest room only) except those involving egg or excessive food for dust mite allergens (so that rules out a dust replica of the Eiffel tower, sorry folks).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Casual Sex in a Small Town

I have to confess the whole affair with A has really put me off casual sex in the short term. Indeed my whole attitude to sex seems to have shifted slightly. My affair with A was based almost completely on physical attraction - we both thought each other hot stuff indeed. I think part of me has always told myself that if I get a better body I would have more chance at love. But having an affair with my ideal physical type but without any emotional commitment was such a meaningless experience, apart from the in-the-moment thrill of the sex. A offered almost nothing except his body, and even then only on my request rather than his own initiative.

At some stage my sex drive will probably win over and I will return to my slutty ways (maybe once the temperature in Hamilton gets above 20 degrees; my libido has always been affected by the seasons) - for now I just want some real connections with people, whether or not sex is involved isn't so important at the moment.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

On sexual racism

I was, somewhat pompously in hindsight, trying to show off about my lack of sexual racism to a Japanese gay guy on the weekend.

"I simply don't believe there is a country on earth with no hot guys," was my profound remark.

"Actually, I find that black skin turns me off because I think it is dirty," was his reply.

He acknowledged that his view was prejudiced and not based on rational evidence.

He also said that overly hairy men were unclean in his mind.

That's comforting because I like to think of myself as dirty.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The crazy citizens of H-town

Well my pal A is upset this week because her 7-year old grand daughter pulled out of a planned week long stay at the last moment. "I was so upset I stayed in bed all day" said A. Hmmmmm she's seven hmmmm she's seven, I thought and said then thought again. I think relief would be the main emotion I would experience in the shoes of A.

Meanwhile I am in the process of making an offer on a flat - if you look in the ceiling there is a tiny speck of light. Given the average New Zealand roof, this is pretty good. I am planning to rip the carpets up because there is native timber underneath (and I am allergic to carpets) but J told me today I would freeze to death. Little does she know my ability to turn heaters on full blast without guilt or remorse.

One week of teaching to go, one week of teaching to go....