Friday, May 15, 2009

Îgnorant Aussie Quiz

How much do you know about your little neighbour New Zealand ? Did you know any more than I did when I moved here? If you get any of the following correct you know more than I did. I will post the answers in a week.

1. What is the New Zealand National Anthem (hint - it is not Slice of Heaven nor is it the haka).
2. What is the name of the band that sung “Slice of Heaven”?
3. For an extra point, what was the name of the lead singer of “Slice of Heaven” (you know, the one with the blond mullet)?
4. Musician Bic Runga has had chart success in Australia . What is the name of her sister, the lead singer of the group Stellar?
5. Is Nelson on the South or North Island ?
6. Is Gisborne on the South or North Island ?
7. True or False: Auckland is named after the extinct NZ native Auk bird.
8. True or False: There are native NZ lizards.
9. True or False: There are no ticks in the New Zealand wild.
10. True or False: A Maori tribe invaded the Chatham Islands during the Nineteenth century.
11. True or False: NZ invaded Samoa during the Twentieth Century.
12. How many distinct languages did the Maori speak before colonization?
13. John Key is the current prime minister of NZ – what is the name of his political party?
14. How does NZ produce most of its electric power?
15. What is a bach (pronounced batch)?
16. Name the one NZ bank not owned by an Australian bank.
17. What is the name given to the government economic philosophy in the eighties, during which all NZ banks were bought by Australia almost overnight?
18. What do the letters in the acronym J.A.F.A. stand for?
19. Do native NZ trees lose their leaves during Winter?
20. The national rugby team is known as the “all blacks”. What is the nickname of the national womens netball team?

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