Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I heart Lady Ga Ga

I heart Lady Ga Ga, for bringing a much-needed Warholian touch back into pop music. With her fashionista style, kooky lyrics, catchy hooks and crooked nose, what's not to love? Her clip to Poker Face is especially impressive - any good diva knows how to make an entrance, and Lady Ga Ga rising out of the water in some futuristic black outfit with eyepatch betwixt a pair of dalmations is certainly an entrance.

Beyonce is certainly trying to be a diva too (she even has a song called diva) and is often succeeding. The clip for Put a Ring On It revives the classic white background video clip format from the eighties, which perfectly suits the iconic choreography.

And who else but Britney can complete this trio of contemporary divadom. The tiny amount of self-journey in her lyrics is mostly manufactured, indeed with her father making her grits each morning there is something very automated about her artistic process. Not all of the musical criticism is fair and indeed some of it is sexist - at the end of the day Britney has a star quality. And all the personal drama in Britney's life is turning her into a contemporary Judy Garland. Circus and If You Seek Amy are both instant camp classics.

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