Sunday, August 2, 2009


Went to G´s birthday last night. I hadn´t seem him in two months, the last month of which has been a rather blissful avoidance. Avoidance seems to me an underrated behavioural coping mechanism in certain circumstances. Contemporary psycho-babble encourages us to "confront", "talk through" and "deal with" things - but the best way for me to cope with a broken heart or its relatives seems to be to go cold trukey and not see the person at all for a while. Only after then can I begin to think of them in a different way.

Seeing people in a slightly different way seems to be a recurring theme for me this year - more about that later.

G now has a boyfriend W, who I was relieved to find was (a) nothing like me in terms of personality, (b) kind of boring and (c) not my type. All petty and biased opinions I know, but I´ll happily take any private consolations I can that don´t harm anyone else.

My revenge - not that I think it bothered anyone, least of all G - was to make out with one of G´s friends at the party. It was one of those rare moments when I had more than one guy to choose from for my revengeful dalliance - when it doesnt rain it pours I guess.

This guy A is a hunky car mechanic (at least hunky in my eyes). Someone told me recently "Youll never meet anyone if you never drink". However what this person doesnt realise is that being sober doesnt mean you cant hang around drunk people and take advantage of their lack of inhibitions.

There were a couple of moments of great irony. Firstly, when A arrived, I thought he looked so much like G in the face that they were related. Secondly, G himself helped the whole thing along by insisting that we "get a room" and dragging us there.

The whole thing got a bit trashy and shameless. The room in question had no lock and the friends of A kept busting in and teasing us. They even went outside and tried to get in through the window and there was a flash when someone took a photo from outside though at that stage I think I was hiding under the sheets like Yoko Ono.

Well, if last night was anything to go by, shameless people have more fun. I am so glad I am one of them.

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