Monday, January 11, 2010

A dark perversion

Onto a darker perversion - a friend of a friend was recently arrested on the south island for making sexual advances to a 13-year old. He may be charged with some similar offences also. Apparently this person has already been to jail for one such offence.

I mostly feel sad for all concerned. As to whether it would effect my friendship with the accused, well, we don't really have a friendship anyway. I was his acquaintance for a while until he started to bully me in subtle yet nasty way - I retreated immediately from the acquaintanceship. Since then, I have discovered my opinion of him has overlapped with many in the friendship circle.

Although ultimately I like to judge people by how they treat me, I am also wary of those who mistreat others - lack of respect is a behavioural pattern rarely restricted to only one behaviour.

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