Thursday, June 4, 2009

I gotta new friend

to quote Degrassi Junior High.

My new friend A is about 60, had a stroke a few years ago and still gets regular Brazilian waxes.
A is kind of what I imagine Busty to be like 30 years from now.

It is superfluous to add that she is very entertaining.

We met at my Scrabble club and she delights in saying inappropriate things, at which I am the only person who usually laughs, which makes me laugh even more.

I was telling everyone at Scrabble about a dream I had in which a cat came onto my bed and tried to strangle me.

"Well, I sleep with three pussies every night," A replied.

A's flatmate is a pothead drifter D who she bosses about no end.

A and I rented an apartment together down in Chch (that is gay for Christchurch) last weekend for the scrabble nationals, at which I mistakenly thought "bea", "ows", "zeff" and "gnomed" were all legitimate words.

I have started to join A and D and S (who is amongst many things a tranny) at weekly quiz nights at Club Cossie, which is like an RSL in Australia. Like most things in Hamilton, the quiz night is kind of a pissweak version of a what you would get in a city. (Other examples include pissweak Karaoke - yep if you thought all Karaoke was pissweak, wait til you see Hamilton karaoke, pissweak restaurants, a pissweak gaybar and some occasional very pissweak orchestras playing the StarWars theme.) There is only one round, and the quiz is printed out a bit of paper which you hand in, while seniors harrang you to buy raffle tickets for a meat tray.

With a few more pals like A, though, I may eventually become quite attached to the pissweakedness of Hamiltron.

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