Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Travel list - your help is needed

When travelling, I invariably forget to pack something important. Last time it was my glasses! This time (I am off to Scotland, London and Croatia next week) I have decided to be uncharacteristically organized and make a packing list. If you think I have forgotten anything, please comment!!

Things for cabin luggage:

passport (in jeans pocket in waterproof bag).
Copies of all travel tickets, accommodation details, travel insurance, photocopy of passport in waterproof pouch
All medication
Glasses with glass case
Glasses cleaner
Small hand towel
USB stick with conference talk
Mobile phone including Kat's number
Empty water bottle

(Buy small nasal spray, small toothpaste and small deodorant at airport)

Things for main luggage:

Contact Lenses
Razor and spare razor blades
Shaving cream
Misc. toiletries
AJC promotion material for conference
Printed out copy of talk and paper
Nasal spray
Shampoo and conditioner
Mobile phone recharger
Coversion plug (can buy in UK if I cant find it).

Togs and goggles
Waterproof jacket
Shorts (maybe buy new shorts in UK)
Clothes (socks, underwear, tshirts)
Plastic bags
1 Small satchel of laundry powder

To do before I go:

Photocopy passport and travel documents and leave with friend.
Attach talk pdf to yahoo email.
Book airport shuttle to auckland

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