Monday, June 8, 2009

On intellect

Had a much needed talk with G on the weekend. The most important sentences we exchanged were:

Me: "I can't really imagine us as a couple. Can you?"
G: "No, not really."

We discussed reasons why, and one that G gave was that he felt intimidated by my intellect.

Sigh - it can indeed be lonely sometimes at my end of the bell curve.

I like to think though that intellect is as much an attitude as a question of brute mental capabilities. Intellect is a certain curiosity about the world, a pondering of why rather than just what, an ability to ask a question when you don't know something rather than being afraid of your own ignorance.

Perhaps intellect is a personality type as well - I think so, and I think that's mostly why it would probably never work with G.

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