Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My therapy homework

Saw a counsellor (free via work) on Monday - she was my favourite kind of counsellor, one that tells you everyone else is crazy and that you are normal. In particularly (I mistyped that but kind of like it now), she told me J and Ps love of grocery shopping and their habit of filling up the shopping trolley and "culling" half of it is definitely not normal.

Anyway, she encouraged me to process the G thing and go through the process of affirming why I really wouldnt want him. Although I feel I have done this on a conscious level my subconscious I think is doing otherwise.

I thought I might as well do this on my blog.


*he is good-looking
*he laughs at most of my jokes
*he can be bouncy and bubbly and full of light
*he is good at many practical things (cars, etc) and thus useful



*he is thick as a plank
*his addiction to flirting would annoy me
*he likes home and away in a literal rather than an ironic way, which is disturbing
*he over-simplifies his own analysis of his emotional state to the point of denial
*when we are not joking things are pretty awkward between us
*he hasnt travelled much
*he likes funniest home videos
*he doesnt read books and cant spell
*he doesnt love me
*he tends to jump to conclusions about what others are thinking or feeling
*he lacks intellectual curiousity
*he has a really short attention span, whereas I can become really absorbed in something
*he says "im not a slut" all the time
*he is a complete slut
*he likes horseriding and mountain biking, which I cant see myself doing very often
*he likes late nights and partying and drinking - i dont drink and like most of my nights early
*he doesnt mellow out in the same way i do
*he is a strong S on Myer Briggs
*he uses aclohol to socialise
*he hasnt been as honest with his feelings as me
*he doesnt make me laugh as much as i make him laugh
*he doesnt take full responsibility for his behaviour while drinking

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