Saturday, September 26, 2009

funny things

well, I am officially BORED with H-town. I have tried to like it but given up for the time being. I just cant cope with all the gay Christians.

Nevertheless, I am making an offer to buy a flat. It was the first flat I looked at and I loved it, looked at lots of others, hated all of them, so will make an offer on this one. This doesnt mean I will be in H-town forever, but another year at least.

Had a mildly amusing convo with A on the phone today. An excerpt follows.

Me: So do you need a licence to go race car driving?
A: No, just a lot of stupidity. What are you up to today?
Me: Knitting
A: Do you need a licence to knit?

Meanwhile J said something genuinely funny on Skype: "I must be anaemic because my mum always said I lacked irony".

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