Monday, October 26, 2009

The aggressive bottom

I'm an occasiANAL bottom (get it, boom tish!)- but almost never a top these days - it is just so boring now I have discovered the pleasure in my back end.

Had some trade in Brisbane who promised to top me after I topped him (little did I know there was just one packet of lube yet many condoms). He told me he was an "inexperienced" bottom and that I had to go very "slowly" and "carefully".

A good hour later....

I am not sure I have ever fucked a more aggressive bottom. In several positions he impaled himself on me with great vigour and resilience. At one point he was on his hands and knees, I was on my knees inside him from the rear, and I wasn't moving at all - he was slamming himself onto me at quite a speed.

I was so bored I almost fell asleep.

Grapey S commented, "you might as well have been a dildo attached to the wall with a suction pad".

It is such a shame I didn't meet him three years ago when my preference was "starfish top".

He left me with a typewritten note with his contact details, including my name. R said it would have been comic if there had been a blank space and my name scrawled in.

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Sean said...

I am still daring you to make your own notes. Text suggestion:

Dear _______

Had a fantastic time :)

If you want to do it again, my number is (your number here) or email me at (your email here).

Lustfully yours,

Woofie (I assume this is your sexy nickname, but you can exchange this with another if you like)

I expect to see them next time you come to stay!