Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The crazy citizens of H-town

Well my pal A is upset this week because her 7-year old grand daughter pulled out of a planned week long stay at the last moment. "I was so upset I stayed in bed all day" said A. Hmmmmm she's seven hmmmm she's seven, I thought and said then thought again. I think relief would be the main emotion I would experience in the shoes of A.

Meanwhile I am in the process of making an offer on a flat - if you look in the ceiling there is a tiny speck of light. Given the average New Zealand roof, this is pretty good. I am planning to rip the carpets up because there is native timber underneath (and I am allergic to carpets) but J told me today I would freeze to death. Little does she know my ability to turn heaters on full blast without guilt or remorse.

One week of teaching to go, one week of teaching to go....

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