Monday, October 12, 2009

Casual Sex in a Small Town

I have to confess the whole affair with A has really put me off casual sex in the short term. Indeed my whole attitude to sex seems to have shifted slightly. My affair with A was based almost completely on physical attraction - we both thought each other hot stuff indeed. I think part of me has always told myself that if I get a better body I would have more chance at love. But having an affair with my ideal physical type but without any emotional commitment was such a meaningless experience, apart from the in-the-moment thrill of the sex. A offered almost nothing except his body, and even then only on my request rather than his own initiative.

At some stage my sex drive will probably win over and I will return to my slutty ways (maybe once the temperature in Hamilton gets above 20 degrees; my libido has always been affected by the seasons) - for now I just want some real connections with people, whether or not sex is involved isn't so important at the moment.

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