Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On me

I think I might be slightly depressed, though hey it could be my hypochondria playing up again.

Though I have some empirical evidence to back me up this time - a handy thing called "The Beck Depression Inventory". This is basically a multiple choice quiz that gives you a magic number, which allows you to diagnose yourself from "These ups and downs are considered normal" all the way to "Extreme depression"; although I think if you are in the final category you probably wouldnt have enough motivation to do the quiz in the first place, yet alone get out of bed in the morning and bruch your teeth.

Anyway a sample question is:
0: I enjoy reading books at the moment
1: The only book I read lately is "Less than Zero" by Brett Easton Ellis
2: I would read a book but I am crying so much the pages get soggy
3: I have put all my books on a dodgy self-assemble bookshelf next to my bed in the hope it will collapse and kill me during my sleep

As you might gather, the more points you get, the more depressed you are.

Oooh how comforting empiricism is.

Luckily I havent been in any of the severe categories since about 10 years ago when I lived in London, although occasionally I slip down into the "Mild mood disturbance" category.

As the title suggests, "Mild mood disturbance" is a state of being in a disturbingly mild mood. I hope it doesnt last long and my familiar dramatic mood swings return.

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